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Getting To Know PTCH BLCK Studio

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PTCH BLCK Studio is a local, online, contemporary, ladieswear brand. They offer bold, comfortable and affordable high-quality clothing and accessories. We spent 15 minutes with the founder, Kea Moraka, and this is what she had to say... 

How has the journey of establishing your own line, PTCH BLCK Studio, been so far?

We’re pretty young and not out there yet, which brings a mixture of excitement and nerves! It’s been a long process of planning, rebranding and hard work, but to see all the puzzle pieces fall into place makes it a positive experience overall.

Tell us about the reasoning behind the name PTCH BLCK Studio and the type of style you focus on in your collections?

BLCK comes from my obsession with the colour black. It embodies class and instant style – two elements I would love my brand to have. The word PTCH is from the sports term, "pitch", as the general aesthetic of the brand will be athluxe-inspired. I’m sure you’re also wondering where the vowels have gone? There’s no deep inspiration behind that; I just thinks it looks cool! [Laughs.]

What are some of your favourite pieces and why?

Two pieces that were featured in Grazia magazine South Africa's fashion spreads definitely hold a special place in my heart. They were a pair of faux leather trousers and a statement grey velvet skirt, both from the Opera collection.

Does your line cater to all age groups and sizes?

All ages are welcome to shop PTCH BLCK Studio. Unfortunately, in the beginning, our size range will not cater to plus-sized ladies, but it is definitely something we will be working towards.

In what ways have you grown as a fashion designer, entrepreneur and individual since starting your own line?

Planning never used to be a strong trait of mine, but now I’m happy to say I am a pro! Mastering this skill has helped greatly in merging together the creative aspect and the business aspect of my fashion brand.

What is the most constructive criticism you’ve received from a client/customer?

In my past one-on-one dealings with clients, I have had a few mishaps with fit. This has allowed me to pay more attention to detail, making sure that the overall quality and fit of a garment is top level.

Which Joburg fashion designer/s do you look up to? What would you like to see more of from them?

Rich Mnisi is the best of the best, in my opinion! His work with print fabrics is always a wonder to look at, so I would love to see more print designs from him.

What do you think about the fashion trends in Joburg? Do you think your collections fit into these trends or challenge them?

Athluxe is a trend that has grown fast and is definitely here to stay. I also see that prints are becoming more and more appreciated, which is amazing! Everything is going in an urban direction, and that is where PTCH BLCK Studio is heading.

Is your clothing avaliable nationally? Internationally?


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