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Nail Parlours You Need To Find Yourself In

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Shape up, buff up and get those nails looking good and well groomed when you visit these awesome nail spots around Joburg!

If there's one thing that ladies love to do, it has to be nails. doing their nails has become a form of expression, a form of art, a form of keeping up with the trends. It has really become a thing about being able to really stand out and showcase your personality through your nail art.

The Metrosexual

As much as I would love to segregate the gentleman out there, I honestly cannot because the men have also been stepping Up. guys have let go of the traditional ways and have become very aware of who they are and what they want and the fact that they can have an actual man-icure (I separate the man with the hyphen for emphasis on man).

Although this to some might come across as too feminine, the average metrosexual, classic man, and forward-thinking guy has broken the stereotype and I grooming themselves in a way that has never been seen before. Refreshing if I have to say so myself. Just sexy (clean hands, yes! I'm OCD guys)

Being able to go and do your nails has become more than just about looking great. For some people out there that has become a lifestyle, something they definitely cannot live without. It's actually part of the habitual grooming process that comes as second nature.

So that's why I have decided to check out some amazing nail and beauty parlours that will have eyes popping out and ready to go for the next Mani and Pedi. Maybe even squeeze in a hand massage...

Nail Spots Joburg

Dream Nails

It's all in the name really, the spot has been around for quite some time and best believe; I don't know about guys but ladies love Dream Nails.

Dream is a beauty hub, and has all the treatments to give you the full on experience. Their nails offering is absolutely awesome, you can choose to do amazing nail art or using multiple colours to add some personality or just a good old school pop of colour.

They also have kiddies treatments so you can go with your little one to have a cute bonding session.

Nail Spots Joburg


I have to put it out there, anyone thinks Africology and the first thing that comes to mind is "spa" which kind of takes away the fact that they do a lot of other cool treatments than just being an average spa.

This spot is absolutely the best with their manicures and pedicures, you should definitely pop into one of their branches to see what they can do. Not only will you be drawn in by the amazing signature fragrant that calls your name into the store, their nail skills will have you amazed - they are on point.

Nail Spots Joburg

Vanilla Nails

Vanilla Nails situated in Linden, is definitely a spot you need to visit. They special in beauty and grooming which includes make up, waxing, matric dance packages and more...

Their nail options are really cool, boasting with prices that will have you feeling all buffed up with all your friends. They also have nail art that is to-die-for.

For those who don't want colour or extensions, these spots also offer your standard grooming (cuticle trim, shape, buff, the works) so you can go for the standard grooming.

Let's paint the world matt green!

{Featured Image By Dream Nails}

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